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Every year, Foodland awards $200,000 in college scholarships to 100 Hawaii high school seniors through its Shop for Higher Education program. The annual statewide program runs during six weeks in February and March at all Foodland locations. Since Shop for Higher Education began in 2006, more than 1,500 scholarships have been awarded to college-bound seniors across the state, totaling more than $3.2 million.

Shop for Higher Education replaced Foodland’s annual Shop for Better Education program which awarded computers and supplies to Hawaii’s schools for 19 years since 1988. The new program addresses the need for higher education funding in our community and helps make a positive impact on the lives of college-bound students in Hawaii.

How It Works:

Customers are encouraged to select their favorite Hawaii high school among the list of participating schools when they check out at any Foodland or Sack N Save stores.

Then, every time they shop through the end of the program, they earn Maika'i Points for themselves and matching points for their designated school. The more points a school earns, the more scholarships it receives.

Scholarships are awarded based on the number of points schools earn in the program: The top five schools earning the most points receive (5) $2,000 scholarships each; the next 10 schools earning the most points receive (3) $2,000 scholarships each; the next 10 schools receive (2) $2,000 scholarships each; the next 25 schools receive (1) $2,000 scholarship each.

A total of one hundred $2,000 scholarships are given to deserving high school seniors across the state each year.

See a list of Shop for Higher Education Participating Schools

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Shop For Higher Education FAQs

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For information, call Community Relations at (808) 732-0791 or email

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