A Refreshing Riesling

Sweet wine lovers stand up proud and be counted!

The sweeter wine varietals are making a big come back! More and more wine lovers are discovering the fun and joy of the sweeter varietals like Riesling, Gewurtraminer, and Moscato D’ Asti.

We tasted this Riesling while enjoying a picnic lunch at the Bogle winery in Clarkburg (Sacramento area) on a hot June day. It was remarkably refreshing! It simply was enjoyable to drink – wow! The Riesling grape enjoys warm days and cool nights. Crisp and sweetness duel on your taste buds… You can taste fresh green apple and pear and even get a hint of peaches. Add some nice spices… a bit of clove and allspice to add a luscious thickness. Delicious!

Serve this one well chilled and be bold because this Riesling will go great with lots of Hawaii foods, even spicy Chinese or Thai dishes, aged cheese and fresh fruits