Commitment to Local

Why is Foodland Committed to offering locally grown and locally made food?

Eating local is good for you, good for local farmers and producers, and good for Hawaii too. That’s why we make it easy to identify local products in our stores – just look for the orange signs.

Every time you buy local produce at Foodland, you help improve the sustainability of Hawaii’s food supply. Together we can make a difference.

Eat Local A-Z

Ever wonder how to pick the perfect papaya or why Hawaii goes mad for mangoes? Our Eat Local A-Z guide dives deep into Hawaii’s favorite foods and includes recipes, tips and fun facts on locally grown and locally made items.

Local Spotlight: Apple Bananas

Fun Facts About Hawaii’s Apple Bananas. They’re called “apple bananas” because their sweet-tart flavor resembles that of an apple.

Local Spotlight: Avocados

Hawaii boasts more than 200 varieties of avocados and while they grow throughout the state, they are most prolific in the coffee growing areas of the Big Island where wind conditions, elevation and rainfall make for ideal conditions.

Local Spotlight: Beef

With consumers’ growing interest in grass-fed, hormone free meat, those of us who live in Hawaii are fortunate that Molokai Livestock Cooperative and Hawaii Beef Producers enable local ranchers to bring their 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef to market.

Local Spotlight: Butternut Squash

With its wonderful nutty flavor and delicate sweet taste, butternut squash continues to grow in popularity. And lucky for us in Hawaii, this yummy member of the gourd family is grown locally by family-run Ho Farms on Oahu.

Local Spotlight: Chocolate

A business with a purpose as sweet as its products, Chocolate on a Mission is so dedicated to helping others that you should feel good – and not guilty – every time you take a bite of the company’s deliciously delightful chocolate!

Local Spotlight: Citrus

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true when buying Hawaii citrus fruit. In fact, Hawaii citrus are sweeter than California citrus– and fresher too!

Local Spotlight: Coffee

You may know that Kona-grown coffee beans are among the most expensive and sought-after in the world. But did you know that world-class, award-winning coffee is now commercially grown throughout Hawaii?

Local Spotlight: Dragon Fruit

Bright and vibrant in color with a shape that is simultaneously unique and dramatic, dragon fruit can’t help but catch one’s eye.

Local Spotlight: Eggs

There’s nothing quite like a really fresh egg! In fact, if you compare mainland and local eggs side by side, you’ll find that local eggs have better taste and texture – not to mention that they make the perfect Loco Moco!

Local Spotlight: Honey

Passionate about finding a way to ensure the amazing organic honey produced by her fourth generation beekeeper husband Garnett Puett remained pure and undiluted, Whendi Grad took matters into her own hands and founded Big Island Bees.

Local Spotlight: Kale

A leafy vegetable considered by some to look too healthy and green to taste good, kale has won converts all over the world. Here in Hawaii, kale is now grown by a number of local farmers including MA‘O Organic Farms.

Local Spotlight: Kim Chee

A local favorite, kim chee or kimchi, has been spicing up Hawaii meals since the days of plantations. It is believed to have been developed more than 1000 years ago as a way for Koreans to preserve vegetables during the cold winter months.

Local Spotlight: Lychee

Lychee season! Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when this lusciously sweet favorite summer fruit is readily available. And we’re excited about the local crop we have in our stores.

Local Spotlight: Mac Nuts

A favorite of many of us here in Hawaii, the mighty macadamia nut is the star of savory snacks and sweet treats made by a variety of producers.

Local Spotlight: Mango

How many seasons does Hawaii have? Many who live here would say two: mango season and not-mango season!

Local Spotlight: Maui Herbs

There’s no better way to add the freshness of spring — and a blast of flavor — to a dish than to use fresh herbs! Fortunately for us here in Hawaii, fresh locally grown herbs are readily available, enabling us to easily enhance our favorite recipes.

Local Spotlight: Maui Onions

A favorite of locals and visitors alike, Maui onions are famous for being one of the sweetest onions in the world. Succulent, sweet, crisp, juicy, and mild with a delightful, unmistakable flavor, the onions are delicious baked, broiled, stuffed, grilled and even raw!

Local Spotlight: Mushrooms

Mushrooms have no fat or cholesterol, but they are even better for you when cooked! Why? Because cooking causes their cell walls to break down and releases beneficial nutrients and antioxidants making them mighty healthy…and tasty, too!

Local Spotlight: Okinawan Sweet Potato

Sweet with a creamy texture, Okinawan sweet potatoes have a history as rich as their taste, Native to Central America, they are believed to have arrived in Spain and the Philippines courtesy of the many explorers traveling the globe.

Local Spotlight: Papaya

Referred to by Christopher Columbus as “the fruit of the angels” and called papaw in Australia, mamao in Brazil, and fruita bomba in Cuba, papaya is believed to have been introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800s.

Local Spotlight: Pineapple

There’s a new pineapple in Hawaii, and it’s creating quite a stir in our stores! Called the Meli Kalima or “Honey Cream,” this patented fruit was developed by Frank Sekiya, owner of Frankie’s Nursery in Waimanalo.

Local Spotlight: Salt

Traditionally held in high regard by Native Hawaiians, pa’akai — the coarse salt referred to as Hawaiian sea salt today — was often mixed with red alae clay and used in ceremonies to cleanse, bless, and even heal.

Local Spotlight: Smoked Ahi Spread

In search of the perfect pupu for your next party? Try the amazing, incomparable Smoked Ahi Spread from KokoHead Foods! A favorite of all of us at Foodland and many of our customers, this locally made dip is so delicious that you’ll keep wanting more.

Local Spotlight: Tofu

Here in Hawaii, we are blessed to have fresh tofu readily available thanks to local producers like Aloha Tofu. What now is Hawaii’s largest tofu factory had a beginning as humble as the food itself.

Local Spotlight: Tomatoes

When you eat local tomatoes, you’re enjoying the fruit of three months of a Hawaii farmer’s loving care.

Local Spotlight: Watermelon

Refreshing and oh so sweet, watermelon is a favorite here in Hawaii where our warm climate enables us to enjoy local varieties past the peak of summer.