Eat Local Spotlight: Hawaii Coffee

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Hawaii-grown coffee:
It’s more than just Kona.

You may know that Kona-grown coffee beans are among the most expensive and sought-after in the world. But did you know that world-class, award-winning coffee is now commercially grown throughout Hawaii? In fact, it’s one of our largest crops grown here in the islands.

Hawaii-grown coffee is some of the best in the world and should be treated well to ensure you make the most of it. We asked Jim Lenhart, a self-confessed coffee addict and vice president of sales for Hawaii Coffee Company for some tips:

Choose wisely. Because most Hawaiian coffee is more delicate than others, a medium to medium-dark roast is best. If you roast Kona too dark, it starts to lose its natural characteristics.

Whole or ground? And the winner is… whole beans. Every coffee bean contains oils and essences that are released when the bean is ground, so it’s best to grind the coffee right before you brew.

Keep the bean pristine. Once you’ve opened the bag and the coffee is exposed to oxygen, it has about two weeks before the taste begins to change. If the bag is unopened, you can keep it in the fridge for about a year, but never freeze it! Moisture will spoil the beans.

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Did You Know?
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There are some serious “perks” to a lighter roast. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine it has!



All-Local Affogato
Serves: 1

A sophisticated, yet simple Italian dessert of ice cream and espresso – the perfect alternative to an after-dinner coffee.
  • 2 scoops Roselani Haupia ice cream (or your favorite local ice cream)
  • 3 tablespoons Hawaii-grown espresso or double-strength brewed coffee
  • Dark Hawaii-grown chocolate, shaved or finely chopped
  • Local Buzz Cinnamon Bun Crunch glazed macadamia nuts (or your favorite Hawaii-grown mac nuts), chopped
Place ice cream in a coffee cup. Pour espresso over the ice cream. Top with desired amount of dark chocolate shavings and chopped macadamia nuts.

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