What We’re Loving This Summer

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Your Guide to Summer Fruits

Ever wonder how an apricot tastes? How to pick the perfect watermelon? A new fruit-forward recipe to try? Check out our full summer fruit guide to make the season even sweeter.

What We’re Loving This Week

Mango Hibiscus Shaka Tea

We’re adding this mango season-inspired flavor to the list of reasons we absolutely love Shaka Tea. Processed in Hilo with sustainably grown māmaki, each can has zero sugar, calories, carbs or caffeine and 100% refreshingly delicious flavors that taste and feel good too. Give it a try because it’s shaka time! 🥭🌺🤙

Golden Dew Melons

Our produce buyer says “Go for gold!” and try these vibrant yellow melons. Slightly sweeter than honeydew melons, their firm yet velvety flesh has a refreshing, honeyed flavor that makes them a perfect treat on hot summer days. The best part? You can pick these up pre-cut in our prepared fruit section so you can skip the prep and go straight to enjoying each succulent bite.

Dinosaur Egg Pluots

Tasty…and cute too! We always look forward to the summer arrival of these plum apricot hybrids. Beneath their “dinosaur egg”-like dappled skin is an extremely sweet, juicy flesh with the perfect hint of tartness. Delightfully delicious as a snack, baked or even over a scoop of ice cream, they’re a summer treat that is not to be missed!


We were a bit skeptical when we heard their name, but these distant cousins of clams are truly a treat! Not only are they adorably tiny and heart-shaped, but they are also incredibly tender and sweet with just a hint of brine. Cook them up on their own with garlic, butter and lemon or enjoy them in pastas and more. Yum!

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