What We’re Loving This Week

Local Watercress

Peppery, bright, crisp and super fresh, there’s something about local watercress that is unmatched. It’s a green that stars in so many beloved local dishes – like this Salmon Tofu Watercress Salad from Chef Keoni – and we love that ours is grown sustainably by our friends at Sumida Farms.

St. Louis Style Spareribs

Our butchers have been raving about these fall-off-the-bone-tender-melt-in-your-mouth ribs—and boy, do we get it. They’re a hit at any BBQ, fun to eat, and are always jam-packed with juicy flavor. Whether you season with a rub then toss on the grill or baste with Maika’i Everyday BBQ Sauce and bake for a weeknight meal, these are a winner.

Manele Spice

Lanai-raised Chef Adam Tabura has helped us crack the code to making everything from ribs to fish to veggies taste sooo good. His Manele Spice blends are made with local salt and just the right amount of time-saving, flavor-adding, local style goodness that comes in super handy and truly makes our meals more delicious.