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What We’re Loving This Week

Local Watermelon

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without sweet, mouthwateringly juicy and refreshing local watermelon. Ours is grown on Oahu by Sugarland Farms and it’s a must for the beach, BBQs, potlucks or even in salads or on the grill. For a real treat, try our simple and delicious no-cook recipe for Spiced Watermelon Cubes. Yum!

Pineapple Orange Jello Cream Cheese Squares

When it comes to dessert that gets cheers at every gathering, our chefs’ Jello Cream Cheese Squares wins every time. It’s the perfect combination of buttery crust, creamy filling and fruity flavor, and reminiscent of what grandma would make. This new tangy and tropical flavor just hit stores for our anniversary and is a must try.

Hawaiian Host Anniversary Aloha Macs

We’ve been dreaming of buttery mac nuts in a generous coating of rich, decadent dark chocolate and our dreams came true with oh-so-delightful and locally-made Aloha Macs. Hawaiian Host created this special anniversary box just for Foodland’s 75th Anniversary and it’s the perfect gift for friends and family on the mainland. Pick up a box or two – or three – because they’re only $1.99 with 250 Maika’i points this week!