ColdFyyre Ice Cream, made in Hawaii

You might say that locally grown produce is expected here in Hawaii, but would you believe we even have ice cream that’s made locally?

ColdFyyre Ice Cream is the brainchild of Gerry Nakashima, a former graphics art designer who started off exploring his passion for food with baking. After experimenting at home, he attended the Culinary Arts Program at Kapiolani Community College, where he first began producing his signature ice cream sandwiches. He featured them at KCC Farmer’s Market and his growing number of customers loved the flavor of his ice cream and asked for more. That’s when he launched ColdFyyre Ice Cream in the fall of 2007, to pursue of a singular goal: To create the highest quality, artisan ice cream in Hawaii.

Each tub of ColdFyyre ice cream is made from scratch, using only the finest cream, whole milk, sugar and egg yolks. The ingredients he uses are all sourced from local farmers such as his Kona Coffee ice cream, which is made with 100% organic beans from Keopu Coffee farm on the Big Island. ColdFyyre Vanilla Bean ice cream is flavored with vanilla beans grown at Kahuku Farms. Everything is mixed in small batches to ensure the freshest product possible. He produces 7 different flavors: Lilikoi, Vanilla Bean, Kona Coffee, Kula Country Strawberry, Big Island Chocolate and North Shore Apple Banana.

My favorites are the Kula Country Strawberry, because it has a delicious ripe strawberry flavor, and the North Shore Apple Banana. I really didn’t think too much about the Apple Banana at first bite, but then I got hooked and it turned out to be my favorite of favorites!

ColdFyyre Ice Cream is currently featured in our R. Field Wine Company locations at Foodland Beretania and Foodland Kailua, but expect more to come soon!