Di Stefano Burrata – Cheese Heaven!

What is a Buratta, you ask? It’s true that not too many people have even heard of Burrata, but I just discovered this brand and it is simply wonderful!

Di Stefano Burrata is exactly the kind of business we love supporting, a family owned and operated dairy based in Southern California that is dedicated to only producing one product, Burrata! Small production, attention to detail, passion for quality and family pride make this the most authentic Burrata available in the U.S.

This delicious cheese looks like just like a ball of cow’s milk mozzarella, but once you’ve cut into the cheese, you will be rewarded with something extraordinary. You bite into a luscious, moist, pillowy light creamy texture and supple filling that slowly fills your mouth, simply delicious! The family uses only the best imported Italian panna (cream) to create this masterpiece.

So, how do you serve this wonderful cheese? You can add it to a simple caprese salad, or serve with crusty bread, salt and olive oil or atop a crostini as an appetizer. Pair with a nice glass of Italian Pinot Grigio, and ahhhhh, I am in cheese and wine heaven!