Eat Local Tuesdays

Introducing Eat Local Tuesdays! Have you ever thought about how much locally grown or locally produced food you eat every week? If you are like many of us here in Hawaii, you probably don’t eat local food very much.” In fact, while most of us know that buying and eating local is important for our community and good for us, we continue to rely heavily—and spend the majority of our food budgets—on imported food.

Here at Foodland, we are hoping to rally our community to change this through a new program called EAT LOCAL TUESDAYS. EAT LOCAL TUESDAYS was born from the belief that we can positively impact our local food supply if each of us makes a commitment to eat local one day a week. After all, the more local food we buy, the more local farmers will farm and the more local producers will produce. And the more local food we have available the better—for our community and our future. It’s that simple.

EAT LOCAL TUESDAYS has many parts, all designed to encourage—and make it easy for you—to buy and eat local food. These include:

  • Identifying Local – highlighting all the local items in the store with orange Maika’i signs and offering local products at a reduced price every day of the year
  • Pledging Local – encouraging our customers to make a pledge to eat local at least once a week
  • Sharing Local – providing information about local products—including a weekly recipe—in a weekly email, in our weekly ad, and in store
  • Tasting Local – working with students from 17 public high schools (our Foodland Local Ambassadors) to offer samples of local products to customers in every Foodland and Sack N Save store every Tuesday from 3 PM to 6 PM
  • Rewarding Local – offering every customer who takes the EAT LOCAL TUESDAYS pledge DOUBLE Maika’i points on every local item they purchase on Tuesdays
  • Growing Local – rallying community support for buying and eating local by encouraging everyone to participate to help us build a stronger, more sustainable community

All of us at Foodland want to invite you to join us in taking the EAT LOCAL TUESDAYS pledge and making a commitment to eat local food one day per week. Then, stop in our stores on Tuesdays to meet Foodland Local Ambassadors from neighboring public high schools and sample some of our favorite local offerings. Remember you’ll earn DOUBLE Maika’i points on all local products you purchase on Tuesdays when you take the pledge, so spread the word and share what you’re eating at #eatlocaltuesdays.

As a local company and the only local supermarket with stores statewide, we believe we have a responsibility to help make our community a better place to live. We are committed to supporting local growers and producers in their efforts to grow our local food supply and improve our food sustainability. And we believe we can make a difference, one Tuesday at a time!

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