Give Aloha 2011

With Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program, in full swing and running through the end of September, I’ve heard that inquiring minds want to know who to give to. Indeed, with over 500 participating non-profits — who all do great work for our community to choose from, deciding who to support can be a daunting task. So here are a few tips to think about…

  1. Check out the list of participating organizations online or at our checkout…is there a name that jumps out to you? Perhaps one that has an impact on your life or that of a family member? If so, give to that organization or find out more about it first.
  2. Do you have a special area of interest? A passion? If so, look for organizations that support that field and find out more about what they do.
  3. Where do you live? Is there an organization that helps make your immediate community or neighborhood a better place?
  4. Would you like to support a less fortunate community? Perhaps helping a school or commune center in that area would make a difference.
  5. If all else fails, close your eyes and just point to a name. If it excites you go for it — after all, your gift need not be large and you can pick a different organization every time you shop.

The good news is that you really can’t go wrong. Each participating non-profit organization helps our community in some way. And by giving to any one of them through Give Aloha you will help ensure they receive matching funds from Foodland and continue their good work in our community.

Have fun supporting Give Aloha! We’d love to hear how YOU decide where to give!