Kumu Farms Fresh Basil Pesto available at R. Field Wine Company

Kumu Farms actually began right here on Oahu’s North Shore in 1980, on just 2 acres of land. Since then, they’ve migrated to the island of Molokai, and now farm over 120 acres on the Mahana-Ho’olehua Plain. Each week, they harvest 20,000 pounds of papaya, 4,000 pounds of Sweet Basil, and 500 pounds of other fresh herbs, including many specialty crops. And today, over half of their acreage is co-certified Organic.

Their uniquely remote location on Molokai has helped make the transition to organic practices easier. Kumu Farms is one of the largest certified organic producers in Hawai’i and one of the only farms certified by the oldest farm-certifier in the U.S., the Organic Tilth of Salem, Oregon. Not only do they have a long history of sustainable farming, but they’ve continued to provide jobs for over 25 local residents, some of whom have been working the farm for over 30 years.

The launch of Kumu Farms Fresh Basil Pesto began in 1994. With basil and Italian Parsley grown on their farm, Macadamia Nut grown on the Big Island, Premium Olive oil, canola oil, Parmesan and Pecorino Romano cheese round out the ingredients of this fresh and delicious pesto. Each batch is hand-made to order. Very aromatic and packed full of flavor, you can use it sparingly as a little goes a long way. Definitely great on pasta, but you should also try it on pizza, chicken, and seafood. There are endless uses for this “Hawaiian style” pesto, but here are 10 great ways to apply Kumu Farms fresh basil pesto in your cooking:

  1. PESTO BREAD: Great as an appetizer or dinner delicious bread, just a smear of pesto on any fresh bread and you have got a great variation of garlic bread
  2. GRILLED SHRIMPS: Fire up your indoor grill or BBQ if you’ve got one, and brush on a bit of pesto for a pretty and healthy dish. This is an inventive and gourmet touch on an ordinary shrimp
  3. PESTO PASTA: Hot or cold pasta will gather some great flavor with the addition of some pesto. There are literally dozens of ways to use pesto in pasta, or do like the Italians do in the original recipe; cook the pasta, mix with pesto and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Simple and delicious anytime
  4. SCRAMBLED EGGS: Add some punch to tiresome eggs with a touch of pesto. This is an appealing variation that will add some energy to breakfast.
  5. GREEN PIZZA: Pesto pizza is just a natural. Don’t even worry about making pizza at home, you can just easily jazz-up your take-out pizza with a spritz of pesto for added flavor
  6. PESTO STEAKS: A little pesto turns a steak into a Mediterranean masterpiece.
  7. POTATOES: Whether baked or mashed, pesto is a delightful twist on the ordinary. It makes excellent potatoes salad
  8. WHITE BEAN PESTO: Very good to make a good, fast appetizer or side dish. Put some bean with pesto on toasted bread for a great bruschetta!
  9. MARINADE FOR CHICKEN OR FISH: Spread pesto on either one and cook it in the oven or on the grill
  10. SOUP: For adding extra flavor in your minestrone, put a couple tablespoons of pesto!

Hope you enjoy these great local flavors and let us know what you think!