Let us break bread together

Take it from me, the key to a great sandwich starts with great bread. Fortunately, you can find world renowned bread from the original La Brea Bakery right here at home in Hawaii. La Brea Bakery first opened its doors in Los Angeles in 1989, and today you can still enjoy the same bread made by the original starter Chef Nancy Silverton anytime. Just stop by any of our Foodland locations and select from a wide variety of delicious breads. Here’s what we have available daily:

Loaves – The traditional shape. Perfect accompaniment to any meal.
• Whole Grain
• Sourdough
• Rosemary Olive Oil – Aromatic sprigs of rosemary and extra virgin olive oil
• Roasted Garlic – Whole garlic cloves roasted in extra virgin olive oil

Rounds and Ovals – A crisp crust surrounding a moist interior. Great when used for sandwiches.
• Italian Round
• Rosemary Olive Oil
• Sourdough
• Pecan Raisin – Sweet California raisins and crunchy pecans
• Kalamata Olive Oil – A combination of whole, juicy kalamata olives, oil-cured olives and thyme

Ciabatta and Focaccia – Cut these in halve and use to make a delicious pizza or a scrumptious panini.
• Pain Rustique Ciabatta
• Rosemary Rustique Ciabatta
• Herb Ciabatta