Mahalo for supporting Bag Up Hunger!

Mahalo to everyone who participated in Foodland’s Bag Up Hunger program. Together, through your donations at checkout, $10,000 support from Unilever, and coins collected at our Change Angels event near Market City, a total of $58,577.25 was collected for Hawaii’s food banks to support the thousands of people who are hungry in Hawaii. We are truly amazed that nearly $11,000 more was raised this year as compared to last year!

While most of us take eating and the availability of food for granted, there are many others who can’t. On behalf of the hungry children, recently laid-off employees, and others in need living in Hawaii, thank you. From the pennies to the $20s, every donation matters to the 183,000 Hawaii residents who rely upon the food banks.

We are grateful to work together with you, our customers, to make a difference in our community and fulfill such an important and critical need — feeding Hawaii’s hungry. From all of us here at Foodland, thank you once again for your kind generosity.