Hooch, Mountain Dew, White Lightning, or just plain Moonshine–The ORIGINAL craft spirit is making a comeback in a BIG way. Originally made in the woods under cloak of moonlight, sold with a wink and a whisper and enjoyed among only the closest of friends, moonshine is now legally available at a Foodland near you.

Riding along with the craft beer trend, states across the U.S. are now in the process of legalizing the distillation of spirits. Up until now tough laws have prevented micro-distilling from developing as rapidly. That is until now…

The Ole Smoky Distillery in Tennessee is one of the first to tap into this emerging market with their new line of Moonshine. Available in a multitude of offerings from Original and White Lightnin’ to Apple Pie, Peach and Blackberry, Ole Smoky moonshine’s are the product of hard work and experience of local families who have made moonshine in the mountains for the past 200 years!

Another new entrant is McCormick Distilling Co.’s Platte Valley Corn Whiskey. This small batch, 100% corn whiskey comes straight out of Weston, Missouri. Packaged in what you think moonshine should be bottled in ( a jug!) , this 3 year aged whiskey has all the character and taste you’d expect from over 150 years of whiskey making history.

NASCAR Hall of Famer, Junior Johnson, began delivering the family hooch at the tender age of 14. He quickly became a legend by outsmarting and outrunning the local police and federal agents—while running ‘shine, be was never caught! (maybe that’s how he ended up with 50 victories under his belt racing NASCAR) In 2007, Junior shared his family recipe with Piedmont Distillers and introduced the world to Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Moonshine.