New Entwine Wines…

All of us foodies that watch every Chef and Food show on the Food Network could not help but notice the new wine being talked about on the Food Network. Wente Winery and the Food Network have partnered together to craft a new wine called ENTWINE wine. The goal was to offer everyday wine for everyday people to enjoy with everyday food. No foo-foo fancy foods, and no wines that you need a second mortgage to purchase.

I love the back label of each wine that explains in everyday terms what foods would be best to pair with the wine. And these are FUN suggestions… like the back label of ENTWINE Pinot Grigio reads:
“Crisp, refreshing, and citrusy, like a green apple drizzled with lime juice and honey”

Wow, my cheeks are salivating just reading that! It goes on to suggest…
“Enjoy with salty cheese, guacamole, Asian takeout, tropical fruit, ham, white fish, hors d’oeuvres, and evenings on the porch.”

Ok, ok, so sub “Pupu’s” for hors d’oeuvres and “sunset on the beach” for the porch and … WOW, perfect advice for our Hawaii lifestyle. And when was the last time someone suggested what wine to pair with Guacamole! Holy moly, guacamole! If you want to try a nice cheese to pair with Pinot Grigio, my suggestion would be a nice cheddar from Wensleydale Creamery, or even a blue cheese.

I also really like the ENTWINE Merlot paired with a mild creamy cheese like Jarlsberg, as it really complements the summer plum and cherry tones of the Merlot grapes.

I’ve got to tell you that these wines definitely over-deliver for the price. They are really delicious wines meant to be enjoyed with food, family and friends. Take it from me, we guarantee you will love these wines!

Just in time for your Easter gathering… give these wines a try. Your guests will praise your wine-smarts, and you will come back for more….