New to Foodland this Summer!

Keeping things exciting and tasty is what we’re all about! I am happy to introduce the newest products being offered in our stores.

In the snacks & beverages category we have the following exciting items- just in time for summer celebrating!

Original New York Seltzer


NY Seltzer made a comeback this summer and Foodland was proud to be the first store in Hawaii to carry it! Drink up all 6 flavors: Root Beer, Peach, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Vanilla Cream and Lemon Lime.

POP! The Original Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Potato Chips

Yes you read that right – Sriracha potato chips! These chips have the most amazingly yummy and spicy Sriracha flavor that make them deliciously addicting. You better stock up!

New Lays Flavors Potato Chips

These new flavor chips hit our store shelves at the end of July and they’ve been flying off them ever since. This year’s flavors are Greektown Gyro, New York Reuben, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, and Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries. Grab them in big or small bags and make it easy to sample the flavors all at once!

Sriracha Hot Chili Spice

Apparently we’re infatuated with Sriracha and along with the chips we now offer the spice. Great for chili, tacos, popcorn and anything that you’d like to give a little “kick”! The possibilities are endless so make sure to let us know what you put it on!

Brownie Batter Oreos

If you’re looking for a sweet, decadent and amazing treat then look no further but to our newest cookie! The Brownie Batter Oreo’s are an insane chocolate experience that people are saying “taste exactly like their name”. Try some today but hurry – they’re only available for a short time.

For You, My Precious… The Trilogy has begun in all Foodland stores! The Hobbit Beer series is here!


  • Gollum Precious Pil– is as tough and determined as Gollum himself. It’s been said that this beer will extend your life (at least we’d like to think so).
  • Smaug Stout – contains pronounced notes of coffee and chocolate balanced with Northwest Hops and a touch of heat. This produces an exceptional imperial stout that is a must try.
  • Bolg Belgian Tripel – a flavorful strong Belgium Tripel. Some said it refined an otherwise gruesome character. We don’t know for sure, but we think this smooth Tripel is sure to please.

Enjoy and I’ll be back soon to tell you about our next round of new products!

Sneak peek for next time: Ba-le Japan Bread in these new yummy flavors: Guava, Taro, Sweet & Raisin!