Our Maika'i Favorites

We call them Maika‘i because every single one is excellent in its own way. Here’s what we’re loving right now.

All Things Coconut

From Coconutty Cashews to Coconut Water, Bites and Chips, we’re going coco-nuts for these treats.

Cocoa Truffle Spread

Rich, chocolatey and smooth, we love to spread this on toast or use as a dip for fruit when we’re feeling decadent.

Locally Made Peanut Butters

Each flavor is made with locally-sourced ingredients like Hawaiian honey and Big Island Kona Coffee. Try Crunchy Honey Macadamia Nut for a hearty dose of texture.

Locally Made Pancake Mixes & Syrups

Mornings sure are sweeter with our light and fluffy pancakes and your choice of Lilikoi, Coconut, Guava or Strawberry Syrup.

Organic Tortilla Chips & Salsa

The MVPs of game days, beach days…or any day. The Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Garlic Chipotle Salsa make a great pair.

Alkaline Water

When ordinary H2O just doesn’t cut it, our Maika`i Alkaline water is here to save the day! Ultra purified and pH balanced with electrolytes to have you feeling pHabulous!

Dried Fruit

Whether you’re packing for a hike or just trying to make it through hump-day, our newly expanded selection of dried fruit can help. We love the dried cherries and blueberries to brighten up yogurt or granola.

Kaki Mochi and Wasabi Peas

Local kine snacks made just for you. We turned up the heat on our wasabi varieties so they’d be spicy like we like them here in Hawaii.

Green Chili Sriracha

Srira cha cha your way to flavor-filled meals. Green jalapeños, tomatillos and garlic make up this special Green Sriracha Sauce. For a heat booster in salsas and dips, try our Red Sriracha Sauce. Made with red jalapeños, red chili, vinegar, garlic and spices.

Sriracha Mini Cornuts

Are you sensing a spice theme here? Whether it’s wasabi, sriracha or just plain ‘ol HOT, we love a little kick here at Foodland, and these cornuts meet that need in bite-sized snack form.