Seasonal Flavor Clif Bars are Here!

Can’t wait for the Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie?
Got a hankering for some Iced Ginger Bread?
How about working some pre-Christmas Candy Canes into your snacking routine?

The seasonal Clif bars are always a hit and this year they brought back the awesome spiced pumpkin pie. This one is so good that I asked them to make it year round as the flavor is a perfect combination of cinnamon and nutmeg with subtle pumpkin notes.
The Peppermint Stick is really fun…it has crunchy bits of Peppermint candy mixed in throughout. Now you can have a healthy snack and freshen your breath at the same time!
If you like Ginger Bread then you will love the Iced Ginger Bread bar. These are not your average energy bars and make great stocking stuffers!
As always these are made with organic ingredients and are available while supplies last at your local Foodland.