Simply Superb Summer Sangria

If you think of “cheap” overly sweet fruit wine as Sangria, we have a great new perspective for you. Sangria is back, using a simple recipe, good wine, and enjoyed by all.

Easy, squeezy, lemon-pizy… Choose one bottle of your favorite red wine; it can be what ever you enjoy. I prefer the big juicy fruit forward wines (remember I love Zinfandel,) but use what you like and it need not be expensive – just a wine that makes you smile. If unsure, use one of the blended reds like Menage A Trois, Rabid Red, Apothic Red, Coppola Rosso, or Hey Mambo. Pour 7/8th of the bottle of wine into a pitcher or bowl (have the last 1/8 as your reward for making a great drink for your friends…)

Take one lemon, one lime – cut in wedges. Squeeze fruit into the wine, (thru a strainer to avoid seeds), toss in the wedges. Shake in about 2 tablespoon of sugar. Add a nice pour (2 to 4 oz) of Brandy or Cognac. And..viola – you are pau! Put in your fridge and chill nice and cold.

Party time- take from fridge, top off with 1 can of ginger ale (the stronger the ginger, the better) or club soda and serve.

Delicious – and your guests will love it.

And the best part – adjust to your taste. Like more spice? – add some ginger or nutmeg. Like fruit? – how about some fresh sliced strawberries, peaches, maybe even some lychee! Like a bit more kick? – add a nice shot of top shelf vodka, rum, or gin. A litle bit sweeter? – add 7-Up or Sprite in place of the ginger ale. Make it yours, explore and have fun!

Float lots of orange slices on top, but stop short of adding the bananas or the umbrella.

(P.S. – Like white wine better? You can use same recipe for white Sangria!)