Smithwick's Irish Red Ale

St Patricks Day is only seven days away, and I’ve discovered a terrific Irish Red Ale – Smithwicks!
What is an Irish Red Ale, you say? Why isn’t it green?

Smithwicks is made by world famous Guinness and is a clean and refreshing ale. I tasted a bit of sweetness probably due to the caramel. The head is nice, creamy white and it pours a ruby red color.. (thus the name red ale). The nose is mostly malty with some hints of earth and nuts. You might get a slight hint of roasted coffee , coming from the roasted barley. The beer flavor is pretty simple and clean. It packs loads of flavor and goes great with hearty meals – corned beef and cabbage, a beef stew plate lunch, or simply sip with friends and watch for Hawaiian Leprechauns at Pau Hana.
Better yet, this is a beer originally brewed by Franciscans Monks. Way back in the 13th century the good monks established an Abbey, St.Francis Abbey, with its own pristine well, on the banks of the River Nore in Kilkenny and created this irish treasure. Let’s raise a glass to toast these monks who brewed their own light ale to serve their visitors, now known as Smithwicks!

“Tis sure we’ll be wearing the green,
When the calendar says March seventeen!
To help us think, it’s the Smithwick’s we drink,
Just try some, you’ll know what we mean!