Summertime Watermelon

No Labor Day picnic would be complete without a sweet, juicy watermelon. We buy our watermelon from Sugarland, a local farm owned by the Jefts Family with more than 3 decades of local production. Sugarland’s goal is to produce fresh, quality local fruits and vegetables that are food safe and delicious. At Foodland, we are proud to support local farmers who share the same vision in bringing great quality products to your table. So be sure to stop by your nearest Foodland to pick up this refreshing summer treat, now on sale.

Here are some helpful watermelon tips:

Choosing a watermelon:
• First, find a size that you like.
• Check the outside of the watermelon for any bumps or bruises.
• Tap the side of the watermelon with the palm of your hands. If you hear a hollow sound, then you have picked a winner. If you hear a flat sound, then you have an over ripe watermelon.

Our recommendation is to always consume any fresh fruit or vegetable ASAP so you can experience the best flavor out of the product. Since watermelons are quite big and maybe hard for a small family to eat in one sitting, here are some storing tips.
• It is best to store your watermelon in the refrigerator. Uncut watermelons can stay in your refrigerator up to 1 week.
• Once you cut your watermelon, wrap and store any uneaten slices in the refrigerator. Cut watermelons should be consumed within a couple of days. (Make sure you wash the outside of any melon before cutting to avoid bacteria getting on your knife and on your fruit).