The Perfect Tonic Water

Have you ever bought a premium gin or vodka? You look for a good mixer of tonic water and it turns your drink into an industrial tasting medicine bomb? No more!

The perfect tonic water is made by Q Tonic and it’s got a clean, crisp and balanced taste to complement your cocktail of choice.

Let us start with how Q Tonic Water was invented in 1825: It began with hand-picked bark of the Cinchona Tree, an evergreen tree native to Central and South America known to produce Quinine. Next, they added organic agave (no industrial corn syrup here), tripled purified water, lemon juice extract, and finished with champagne carbonization for a completely natural beverage with 60% fewer calories than your average tonic water. This allows your drink to shine with all the aromatics you deserve.

Q Tonic really is superior and is now available at R. Field Wine Company in these select Foodland locations: Foodland Farms Aina Haina, Foodland Beretania, Foodland Kailua and Foodland Farms Lahaina.