This one’s for you, West Side!

Foodland Farms Ka Makana Aliʻi is officially open, West Side. This store offers a new and unique grocery shopping experience with a focus on good food and we promise the wait was worth it.

Unlike any of our other Foodland Farms stores, Ka Makana Aliʻi was designed to have the largest and most diverse selection of natural and organic brands and products. Plus, buying local has never been easier with a variety of foods and products made, raised and grown right here in Hawaii.

Whether you’re doing a routine grocery run, searching for a quick weeknight dinner or in the mood for a sit-down meal, Foodland Farms Ka Makana Aliʻi has it all. Keep reading for a breakdown of our newest store’s exciting offerings.

Be a chef in your own kitchen.

Busy schedules used to mean delicious and healthy meals with the family would fall to the wayside. Not anymore. Foodland Farms Ka Makana Aliʻi makes home cooking a piece of cake with all our pre-prepped food options made by Foodland’s chefs.

For a fool-proof meal that requires little to no prep, choose Calabash meal kits by Foodland. Available in-store only at Foodland Farms Ala Moana, Pearl City and now Ka Makana Aliʻi, West Side shoppers have access to our locally inspired, restaurant-quality mains and sides that take less than 30 minutes to make.

Feeling ambitious in the kitchen? Our Chef Essentials are time savers that come in handy when cooking recipes from scratch. Located across from our Bowls and Burritos stations, you’ll find a range of house made marinades, dressings, stocks, broths, spice rubs, dips and vinaigrettes.

If you’re looking for a truly easy dinnertime solution, our Family Meals are a no-brainer. Our DIY Kits simply require assembly of ingredients and following the cooking instructions and we offer everything from pizza, to pasta to bulgogi tacos! We also offer premade Take Home and Heat meals. The name says it all, just heat and it’s ready to eat.

Grab and go!

In addition to time savers for the novice and professional home chefs alike, Foodland Farms Ka Makana Aliʻi has a variety of grab-and-go food options for when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Customize your to-go meal at our Bowls and Burrito stations. We’ve got an assortment of greens and grains, meat and non-meat proteins, marinated veggies and toppings to choose from. Here you can create a hearty and satisfying meal that’s a healthy alternative to your typical plate lunch.

Our new Foodland wouldn’t be complete without POKE! So of course, we brought our most popular flavors of Hawaii’s Best Poke, like Spicy Ahi and California, plus a few exclusive flavors fit for the healthy and natural feel of the new store. For guests looking for keto-friendly options, grab a pound of our Salmon Avocado poke. It’s made with a Greek yogurt-based sauce, which makes it keto and super creamy. You’ll also notice a vegan Mango Jalapeno Tofu poke and a Hawaiian Chili Pepper ahi poke with sweet onions in our poke case. And all our ahi is fresh!

Hawaii’s Favorite Steak Plate has also touched down on the West Side with new and exclusive menu items from Build-Your-Own-Bowls, to mouthwatering Pork Candy, to Dynamite Elote and so much more. Located near checkout, customers can place their order in-store, online or by phone. Curbside pickup is available as well as delivery through Bite Squad.

Dine in at Mahi`ai Table.

For the first time ever in Foodland history, we built a full-service restaurant and bar right inside of our grocery store and it’s called Mahi`ai Table. In Hawaiian, mahi`ai means “farmer” or “farming.” With a menu that features fresh ingredients from local farms like Mari’s Table, Ho Farms and MAʻO Organic Farms, we felt this name was perfect for our restaurant. It’s a place where family and friends can enjoy a tasty meal made with the freshest local ingredients. Open for casual breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, guests can reserve a seat by phone or on Open Table.

We hope your interest has been piqued by our breakdown of just a few of the exciting offerings at the new Foodland Farms Ka Makana Aliʻi. But there’s so much more to discover. We hope to see you soon. And remember, this one’s for you, West Side!