Value to Registering on

Some of our customers have been curious to the benefits of registering on the website. I wanted to take a moment to explain all the benefits and answer any questions you might have.

Favorite Store:
The first benefit to registering on the website is that you can choose your favorite store. Once you have picked your favorite store, our system will remember that when you are logged in and immediately bring you to that store’s weekly ad when you are in that section.

Link your Maika`i Account:
Once registered, you can also easily link your Maika`i account. Once this account is linked, our system will show you your current point balance and also calculate how many points until you earn your next My Reward certificate. But wait…..there is more. We also will provide you details of the last time you redeemed a My Reward certificate and what you redeemed that My Reward for. The system will also show you the last time you were issued a My Reward certificate and what store that was issued at.

Edit your information:
You can also edit the account details for your Maika`i card anytime directly on the website. Alot of customers who have moved find this to be an easy way to update their address information. Our system will automatically update this information on your Maika`i card and you will be all set. No need to call us to let us know.

We are always looking to add more features and functions so feel free to let us know what would be great information to have when you register on the site.