Vodkas, From Russia to Maui

Last week, we posted a blog about the perfect tonic water, Q Tonic, and we got some great feedback on our Twitter and Facebook pages! One of the most pressing questions posed was: “What kind of Vodka do you suggest I pair Q Tonic with?”

To be honest, there are probably 15 different vodka brands that you might find at your local Foodland, but these three unique vodkas stand out for their distinct and unique flavors:


If you are looking for an authentic Russian vodka that carries on the traditional recipe and distilling process of old world Russia, then you have to try the Russian Standard. Its combination of wheat taste—from the hardy winter wheat of the Russian Black Steppes—and remarkable clarity—from the soft glacial waters of Lake Lagoda—make Russian Standard Original our best choice for classic Russian style vodka. A great cocktail deserves an excellent vodka, and Russian Standard will not disappoint.


Although Russia may be highly regarded as one of the birthplaces of Vodka, Hawaii’s melting pot is home to some of the world’s best food and drink, simply because it combines the best of many cultures. Luckily for us, Pau Vodka from Maui embodies this essence of Hawaii and shines as one of my favorite new vodkas. Pau is made from Maui Gold Pineapple juice, and distilled to perfection locally on Maui. The sweet pineapple flavors distill away leaving a clean delicious Vodka – talk about ono-licious. Plus, we love the cool bottle!


We also really enjoy the great two-island partnership of Ocean Vodka. Brothers Sye Vasquez and Shay Smith import deep-sea-water drawn from 3000 feet down off the Kona coast, and then this family-operated business does the actual distillation in Kahului, Maui. Ocean Vodka is 100% local, distilled with USDA organic sugar cane, and gives back to the environment by donating a portion of their profits towards organizations working to conserve the ocean.

So how do you concoct the perfect Vodka Tonic?

  1. Fill a nice highball glass with ice
  2. Add 2 oz of your favorite vodka
  3. Squeeze a wedge of lime
  4. Top with 4 oz of your favorite tonic water
  5. Stir gently & enjoy!

Remember to please enjoy responsibly and always use a designated driver.