Maika'i Membership

Got a question? We're happy to help! Simply scroll down to find answers to common questions about our Maika‘i membership, Foodland app, earning HawaiianMiles, our online shop and coupon policy. If you have additional questions, please visit the Contact Us section of our website and submit your question. We will respond as soon as possible.

Maika‘i Membership Re-Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t enroll, you won’t be able to redeem your points for Maika‘i rewards.

Visit You will need your Maika‘i member number and their phone number to get started. You may find your Maika‘i member number on your reciept or key tag. 


In order to enjoy the new benefits, you must enroll.  If you do not re-enroll, you will continue to save and earn Maika‘i points on your purchases, but you will NOT be able to redeem your points for rewards.

To enroll is to simply confirm that the information on your membership is current and accurate.

When you re-enroll, you are signing up to receive emails and text messages from Foodland. This is how we send you important information and a gift on your birthday. You can easily opt out at any time.

Please enroll as soon as possible.

Please contact the Maika‘i department at (808) 735-7229 or click here for additional assistance.

Your Maika‘i member number can be found on your Foodland receipt. Or log in to your account. 

You may simply opt out of receive text messages by replying stop or contacting the Maika‘i department. However, you won’t receive special offers like a free gift on your birthday.

You may only use one phone number per Maika‘i membership. If you share a phone with someone else or have no other phone number, you may come up with a unique 10-digit number of your choice. If the phone number you’re entering is your own, please contact the Maika‘i department at (808) 735-7229 or click here for additional assistance.

If you have a mobile number, we encourage you to add it to your membership when you re-enroll.  If you only have a landline, you may still use it, but you will not receive text messages from us.

If you don’t have an email address, you can use a placeholder to complete the re-enroll form: FirstInitalLastName@noemailaddress.comNote: you will not receive monthly Maika‘i statements or other communication from Foodland about your account.

We would like to be provide you with a gift on your birthday to show our appreciation to you for being a loyal Foodland customer!

Please visit the customer service desk when you shop with us and we will be able to assist you. Or please contact the Maika‘i department at (808) 735-7229 or click here and someone will assist you.

If you do not enroll, you will NOT be able to redeem your Maika‘i points for rewards. And these rewards include new and additional savings, like free products at only 100 points or 10% off groceries!

Maika‘i Rewards

It’s easier than ever to get rewarded!  Redeem your Maika‘i points at checkout for rewards at any time.

My Rewards certificates expired on June 30, 2022 and are no longer accepted at stores. Please contact the Maika‘i department at (808) 735-7229 with any questions or concerns. 

If you had Digital My Rewards, they were automatically converted into Maika'i points. You received 250 Maikai points for every reward.  Be sure to download the newest version of the Foodland app from the App or Google Play store.

Redeeming Maika‘i Points

When shopping at our stores, enter your phone number at checkout.  Your cashier will be able to assist you in redeeming your points for Maika‘i rewards. You must be an enrolled Maika‘i member to redeem your points for rewards. 

Unfortunately, Maika‘i points are not transferable.

We have a limit of one reward per reward type per transaction.  If you save your additional points, you can redeem them for bigger, more valuable rewards like 1,000 HawaiianMiles!

Multiple rewards may be redeemed in the same transaction. However, you are not able to redeem more than one of the same reward type in the one transaction.

Earning and Tracking Maika‘i Points

Maika‘i members earn one Maika‘i point for every dollar spent at our stores on qualifying purchases (excluding liquor, postage stamps, bus passes, gift cards, taxes and bottle fees).

Your Maika‘i point balance is printed on your receipt.  You can also text “POINTS” to 62924 or download our Foodland app to check your balance.

Maika‘i points expire on a rolling basis, 1 year or 12 months after they are earned.  

Once points expire, they can no longer be redeemed. If you have a special circumstance, please contact the Maika‘i department at (808) 735-7229 or click here.

Yes. Maika‘i points expire one year after they are earned.  Be sure to use them for our new Maika‘i rewards!

Maika‘i points are issued in whole numbers so the amount of points earned at the time of purchase will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

Earning HawaiianMiles

You must link your Maika‘i membership to your HawaiianMiles account at You will only have to do this once. After that, you’ll automatically receive any HawaiianMiles you earn at Foodland.

Yes, you must have a HawaiianMiles account to earn HawaiianMiles at Foodland. If you don’t already have one, it’s quick and easy to sign up at

Use your Maika‘i points at checkout for 200 or 1,000 HawaiianMiles. Your Maika‘i and HawaiianMiles accounts must be linked to get your miles.

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for the miles to appear in your account.

Visit or call 1-877-HA-MILES (1-877-426-4537) for more information and to check your HawaiianMiles balance.

Foodland App

The Foodland app is free to download in the Apple App Store or in Google Play for Android users.

We are no longer providing in-app My Rewards Monthly Statements.

If you order groceries at you will be able to redeem Maika‘i points for Maika‘i rewards, just like you would in our stores!  You must first re-enroll.

No, please use your phone number and last name to access the Foodland app and the Foodland website.

Your Maika‘i point balance is updated in the app as soon as you finish checking out. 

It’s easy – you can redeem your points at checkout whenever you like.  Simply let your cashier know that you would like to redeem points for rewards.

Select the “M” Maika‘i icon on the bottom of your screen.  Log in with your phone number and last name. If you have re-enrolled, your Maika‘i membership information will be accessible in the app. If you have not yet re-enrolled, you will be prompted to re-enroll to continue.

General Maika‘i Membership Questions

Nothing changed with your point balance when the new Maika‘i launched. You will continue to earn 1 Maika‘i point for every $1 you spend on qualifying items. 

Members have greater flexibility with their Maika‘i points and can get rewarded more quickly with new rewards or can choose to save their points for bigger, more valuable. My Rewards Certificates will no longer be issued and instead, members will be able to redeem their points at checkout whenever they like.  

We are making updates to your membership that will make shopping easier for you and much more rewarding!

Foodland Super Market, Ltd., Maika'i Department

3536 Harding Ave.

Honolulu, HI 96816

Phone: (808) 735-7229 or contact us here.

Only Maika‘i members receive special discounts and points. You must be a member to enjoy these benefits.

Look for the line that says "Total Maika‘i Savings Today" at the bottom of your receipt.

  • Visit or
  • View messages in your Foodland app
  • Look for our Maika‘i membership email newsletter
  • Look for specials advertised in our stores

We associate your Maika‘i membership with your phone number for your convenience so that you can enter your phone number at checkout, rather than having to carry a membership key tag or wallet card.

We encourage each customer to have their own Maika‘i membership. However, yes, you may share your membership. Only one name can be assigned to that Maika‘i membership. In addition, only one Maika‘i membership and one HawaiianMiles account may be linked to each other.

You may update your membership by:

  • Visiting
  • Visiting the customer service counter at any of our locations
  • Call: (808) 735-7229 or contact us here.

When you make your first purchase at one of our stores and you enter your phone number at checkout, a new account will be created for you.

Visit any Foodland, Sack N Save, Foodland Farms or KAHALA MKT. by Foodland store and join with a cashier at checkout. 

Coupon Acceptance Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will follow the limits as stated on each coupon. If no limits are mentioned on the coupon, Foodland will accept up to 4 like coupons for the same product on the same shopping trip per day. We also limit one coupon per item unless the coupon states otherwise.

No, only one coupon per item, unless coupon states otherwise.

No, only one coupon value or discount per item unless the coupon states otherwise.

No, you may use only one coupon. Coupons are only accepted for items that are purchased (not free items).

No, please see "Coupons NOT accepted" above.

Yes, we accept internet printable coupons printed in black and white that are within our coupon guidelines.

If the value of the coupon is greater than the value of the product, we accept the coupon for the value of the product. We do not give cash back.

Yes, you may receive a rain check for the out-of-stock item. We reserve the right to limit rain check quantities based on availability and advertised limits.

Yes, coupons may be combined with Foodland's Maika'i discount and promotions created by Foodland. Coupons may not be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.

Please speak to the Store Director. Store Directors and cashiers have been trained on our coupon policy and have been instructed to follow the policy at all times. The Store Director can further assist you if you have any questions.