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End Long Lines - That's Our Promise!

At Foodland, we know you have better things to do than stand in long checkout lines. That's why we've taken our customer service to a whole new level with this guarantee:

During peak hours from 3 to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 2 to 8 p.m. on weekends, whenever there are three or more customers in line, we'll open another checkstand until all checkstands are open.

End of Long Lines

Double Money Back Guarantee

We'll Double Your Money Back if you don't love our fresh meat, seafood and produce.

Double Your Money Back

We help ensure that you bring only the freshest and highest quality meat, seafood and produce to your dinner table. That's why we offer:

• Premium Choice Certified Angus Beef®
• #1 grade Hormel pork
• Foster Farms grade "A" chicken
• USDA Choice lamb
• Fresh Poke, Fish Fillets and Shellfish
• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If at any time one of these products fails to meet your expectations, show us your receipt and we'll double your money back.[1][2][3]

[1] Fresh meat includes all fresh beef/pork/poultry/lamb/veal products in the service case and self-service cases except for any smoked meat or frozen items. Pre-packaged UPC labeled items, smoked meat or frozen items are excluded.
[2] Seafood guarantee applies to the fresh seafood items in the service and self-service cases. Pre-packaged UPC labeled items and any frozen tray packed seafood products are excluded.
[3] Produce guarantee applies to fresh fruits and vegetables in the wet rack and island table cases. Pre-packaged UPC labeled items are excluded. Proof of purchase required to receive double money back. Other restrictions may apply. See stores for details.

We Gladly Provide Carryout Service!

Serving YOU is the most important thing we do. And that's why in addition to ending long lines, we also promise to carry out your groceries and help you load them into your car.

Help with carrying your groceries

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