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Local Sea Asparagus

Whether you love sea asparagus or are just wondering what in the world it is, the good news is that this bright green, succulent, hydroponically grown sea vegetable with an unexpected snappy crunch and salty flavor is back in stores ready to be added to your favorite salad, poke or rice dish.

Local sea asparagus

Maika‘i Sun-Dried Tomato
Pesto Bruschetta Spread

We just tried this brand new addition to our Maika‘i lineup and we think we’re in love (again)! Tangy, salty, pesto-y and packed with flavor in every single bite, it’s great on everything— from crackers to sandwiches and even pizza (yes, pizza!). Mmm, Maika‘i.

New Maika'i Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Bruschetta Spread


Le Rime Pinot Grigio

Our wine guy (aka advanced sommelier Marvin Chang) knows his stuff, so we admit to getting pretty excited every time he has a new find. Happily, he’s delivered again with this light-bodied, lively white with hints of pear. It’s awesomely delicious — and a great value too.

New wine finds: Le Rime Pinot Grigo

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