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Limited-Edition Anniversary Items

Enjoy Limited-Edition Anniversary Items from our Local Partners

From Our Deli

Fried Chicken Skin

As much as we love, love, love the crispy, crunchy, salty goodness of chicken skin we would never think of making it ourselves. And that’s why we’re SO excited that our delis are now cooking it up fresh every single day.




Hawaiian Host

75th Anniversary Aloha Macs

When it comes to Hawaiian Host Aloha Macs, one box is never enough. And this combination of indulgent dark chocolate and buttery mac nuts is the perfect gift for friends and family near and far.




Sensei Farms

Maika‘i Greens

This crisp and crunchy mix of green butter leaf, crystal and romaine lettuce is an exclusive blend that was specially grown for Foodland.




Sun Noodle

Maika‘i Local-Style Shoyu Dry Mein

This broth-less style dish with its flat, springy noodles tossed with an umami-rich sauce is great on its own or extra delicious when combined with your favorite local style toppings.


Lion Coffee Foodland Roast

An exclusive blend of Kona coffee and smooth Arabica beans.  So good you’ll be glad it comes in a big size.





Diamond Bakery Anniversary Snack Pack

A mix of their most popular local favorites – Creem Crackers, Soda Crackers and Graham Crackers – combined to provide a little something for everyone!



Uncle’s Lychee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Handcrafted on the North Shore of Oahu, this unexpected mix of sweet-meets-tart lychee with decadent chocolate honors our favorite local fruit.

Available at select Foodland stores.



Vitalitea Hapa Nitro Cold Brew & Pitaya Passion Kombucha

Vitalitea’s flagship “Hapa” blend of locally-sourced and roasted beans is infused with subtle flavors of macadamia nut and vanilla in this small batch, Kyoto-style Nitro Cold Brew.

Plus, local dragonfruit, mango and lilikoi provide the perfect mix of sweet and tart in this light and refreshing tropical blend of Pitaya Passion Kombucha.

Ginger Scallion Ahi Tataki Poke

Hawaii’s Home for Poke has a new reason to invite you to our poke counter! By the pound, the bowl or the bento, our Ginger Scallion Ahi Tataki Poke is a must-try.



Maika’i Firecracker Seafood Dip

Our chefs’ take on celebrating with fireworks, this new-for-our-anniversary dip is our way of heating up the party. ‘Ono and creamy with savory seafood deliciousness and just the right amount of heat, this dip is designed to be the talk of the party.