A Magnificent Cantaloupe

If you like Sweet Cantaloupe, you’ll definitely enjoy the Magnificent Cantaloupe, grown exclusively by Del Monte. This melon has an exceptional aroma, an extra sweet flavor profile, and a juicy texture which can be experienced in every bite.

You may also notice that the seed cavity is much smaller than a normal cantaloupe and that the sweet juicy fruit extends all the way to the rind. In addition to the traditional nutritional benefits that a cantaloupe typically offers, the Magnificent melon contains higher levels of fiber, protein, beta carotene and Vitamin C.

Please stop by our Produce Department to try a sample. Once you taste the Magnificent Melon, you’ll agree that it is so much sweeter and juicer than a regular cantaloupe.

And, as with all of our fresh produce, we offer a double your money back guarantee.

Here’s an excellent recipe to try with the Magnificent Melon: Proscuitto and Melon Bruschetta. This flavorful appetizer showcases the sweetness of the melon contrasting perfectly with the saltiness of fine italian ham. It’s a great one to share when you’re entertaining family and friends, and one of my personal favorites. It’s also quick and easy to make!