Serving You Is the Most Important Thing We Do!

You may have noticed that here at Foodland all of us wear nametags saying, “Serving You Is the Most Important Thing I Do.” And beginning today and on weekends, you’ll notice that our employees will be wearing t-shirts with this message too. The words are not a mere phrase to us, rather they are the core of our service culture, a culture devoted to putting serving customers ahead of all other tasks and dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our customers has a positive experience in our stores every time they shop. Our founder Sully Sullivan always said, “Treat customers well and they will come back” and we continue to wholeheartedly embrace these words he shared many years ago.

Customers and employees alike tell us that service at Foodland “comes from the heart” and we believe such feelings stem from the genuine warmth and care our team shares with all who shop with us. In fact, we are so proud of our employees that we feature them in our commercials. The newest of our ads, which launch today, share the personal sentiments of four members of our team: Kalvin Kaneshiro, Grocery Manager at Foodland Market City; Stephanie Camarillo, In Store Coordinator at Foodland Kea’au; Lynn Doane, Head Cashier at Foodland Ewa Beach, and Craig Kadokawa, Store Director at Foodland Farms Lahaina. I think you’ll enjoy hearing them share in their own words what serving customers means to them.

Here at Foodland, we believe the service our employees provide helps to set us apart and make our stores a great place to shop. And we are committed to recognizing our team for their great efforts on your behalf. If one of our employees makes your day, goes the extra mile to serve you, or provides outstanding service, we hope you will share your story with us here. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our stores. Because serving you is the most important thing we do.