Ask the Chef: What are Rib Tips?

Recently, Chef Keoni was asked about an item we offer in our Weekly Ad. The item was Rib Tips. A customer wanted to know what they were and where they came from.

First off, to make sure we are on the same page, the rib tip we are referring to comes from pork. Now onto the specifics.

The rib tip is a short section that comes off the spare ribs when a butcher is making a more squared off cut. Some customers and restaurants like to have just the rib section when they do barbeque and request the spare rib to be trimmed. The bottom portion that gets trimmed off is where the rib tips come from.

Technically, once the rib tip has been removed from the spare rib, what is left is called the Saint Louis cut, or the Kansas City rib. They typically run 8″ to 12″ long and 1″ to 3″ wide.

The rib tips have cartilage in them, and they are great for cutting up into 2” pieces to use for dishes like Sweet Sour Ribs, black bean ribs and adobo. They can also be used in the same way you would for making dry or wet BBQ. Just know that you will have to work around cartilage instead of a bone.

Click on the video below to view Chef Keoni’s recipe for Sweet Sour Spareribs. Rib tips can also be used in place of spareribs with this recipe.