Five Favorite St. Patrick's Day Beers

Ireland and Hawaii are over 7,000 miles away from each other, but based on the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on the islands, you would think they were much closer. It’s always a special celebration for our team here at Foodland, considering our Irish roots with our founder Maurice “Sully” Sullivan.

To share in the celebration with our customers, we have a special Maika`i My Rewards offer on Corned Beef and Cabbage this week. If you aren’t 100% sure how to prepare these dishes, just follow this Foodland Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe.

So what completes a St. Patrick’s Day meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage? An Irish beer of course. Ireland is known for producing great tasting and distinguished beers and we want to help you by giving you our Foodland Top 5 Irish beers that you may want to try for St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. The Irish will tell you, the best beer is the one in your hand, and if it’s an Irish beer, it is most likely Guinness. It’s no coincidence that Guinness is the most widely distributed beer in the world and lucky for us, we can enjoy the very same beer, style, and taste right here in Hawaii, just as our friends in Dublin do. Pictured above on your left is your classic Guinness Draught, but we also carry several other varieties, including Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.
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  3. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is brewed with generous hops and roasted barley for a bittersweet balance & full-flavored, natural bite. Developed over 200 years ago for global export from Ireland, the addition of extra hops ensured this Stout would arrive to any destination, including Hawaii, in perfect condition. All the extra stout flavor also makes this beer stronger than your average pint of Guinness.
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  5. Not everyone wants a beer to taste like a chocolatey milkshake. Luckily for them, there’s hope — Harp. This crisp summery lager has a slightly bitter beginning that quickly turns to clean and refreshing. This classic lager is smooth and solid, making it the best selling Irish lager in Ireland and the UK.
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  7. Smithwick’s is an Irish red ale style beer that was originally brewed in St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, situated on the site of a Franciscan abbey. Can you believe that monks had brewed this ale since the 14th century? This historic red ale has a rich chestnut color, with a hint of hops and a slightly sweet smooth classic taste.
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  9. Guinness Black Lager is the newest addition to the Guinness family and it’s a unique black lager that combines elements of a porter (brown malt flavor) and a stout (hints of coffee)…but with a cleaner and lighter finish for those who appreciate a great lager. This is definitely one you’ll want to try ice cold, perhaps with a platter of ice cold fresh oysters!

All 32 Foodland and Sack N Save locations will be featuring Guinness Draught, Guinness Extra Stout and Guinness Black Lager on sale this week through St. Patricks’ Day, so be sure to pick up some cold ones at your local Foodland! As always, please drink responsibly and be safe this weekend!