Hāna Fresh Farm

The Road to Hāna, Maui is a gorgeous scenic drive connecting Kahului, where Maui’s main airport resides (Route 36), to the remote town of Hāna (Route 360), and wrapping it’s way down to the south side of the island (Route 31). For all it’s beauty, this breathtaking journey is not for the faint of heart, as it winds through hairpin turns, narrow single lane bridges & portions of unpaved highway. Fortunately for us, you can get a taste of Hāna at select Foodland stores without having to make the trek. All from a little gem of a farm known as Hāna Fresh Farm.

[img_assist|nid=9783|title=|desc=|link=url|url=http://hanahealth.org/page/hana-fresh-farm|align=left|width=657|height=640] Hāna Fresh Farm was founded in 2003 to support the mission of Hāna Health – to improve the health and wellness of the district of Hāna. Particularly, the focus remains on Native Hawaiians and those who are underserved due to financial, cultural and geographic barriers. The farm project began as a way to provide fresh, nutritious garden grown vegetables and fruit to the Hāna Health Mai E ‘Ai nutrition program for the elderly or kupuna.

Dedicated to organic cultivation and certified by the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA), the farm project concept was created to provide nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables for Hāna Health’s healthy meals programs, and furthermore to expand access to better produce for the entire Hāna community.

Since late 2007, Cheryl Vasconcellos, the Executive Director of Hāna Health, has been providing our R. Field produce department with a bountiful selection of fresh organic produce—everything from baby arugula, baby fennel, baby toscano, red chidori kale, baby Italian heirloom, red and yellow tomatoes, baby red and green okra, escarole, baby orange carrots, baby English cucumbers, baby leeks, as well as a wide selection of fresh herbs. Depending on the season she will have different products available, and to this day, she calls every week to let us know what is available. It’s hard to describe how fresh and flavorful the produce is, and I highly encourage you to come and try it out! Click on the picture below to learn more about R. Field Company located inside Foodland Beretania, Foodland Kailua, Foodland Farms Lahaina, and Foodland Farms Aina Haina.