Mahalo for Bag Up Hunger

We want to thank everyone who participated in Foodland’s Bag Up Hunger program this year to support the thousands of people who are hungry in Hawaii. Together, through your donations at checkout, $10,000 support from Unilever, and coins collected at our Change Angels event near Market City, a total of $47,338.45 was collected for Hawaii’s food banks! Your donation will go to the food bank on the island where your donation was made, and will help purchase the food banks’ most needed items such as canned meats and vegetables for those in need.

It was alarming for us to learn that more than 14% of Hawaii’s population is receiving emergency food assistance through the Hawaii Foodbank network. This is a dramatic increase over previous years, and shows the connection between a weak economy and increased needs for emergency food assistance. Many of those who receive support are not homeless, but may have been laid off from their jobs or have families and need extra support to make ends meet, among many other reasons. We learned that the Hawaii Foodbank network is feeding 51,000 more people now than in 2006, and that’s why your support, more than ever before, is greatly appreciated.

We are proud to work together with you, our customers, to make a difference in our community. Thank you once again for your amazing generosity!