Kokohead Foods Smoked Ahi Spread – A Must Try!

Whenever we have a tasting for locally made smoked Ahi Spread at R. Field Wine Co., the usual “OMG” can be heard after that first bite! The combination of this lightly smoked spread and a thin, crisp “Waterwheel” or “Lavosh” cracker is a delicious pairing! It is impossible to just have a taste….and this great tasting spread demands instantly for more. While the best pairing is on cracker, others have tried it on a sandwich, in a salad or on warm crusty bread. Either way, once you take a bite of this addicting spread, any way you enjoy it…you will be coming back for more.

I attended a neighborhood party a few weeks ago and was struggling on what to bring to this party. I really didn’t want to cook anything and knew that I could count on my usual “go to” appetizer. I brought my trusty Ahi Spread and lavosh to the potluck and it stood out from your usual spread of “local style” appetizers…sushi, poke, veggie platter, fresh cut fruits, chips and dip, fried noodles, and chicken katsu. Once again it did not disappoint me or the guests!