Living Garden Succulent Plants

This week I am thrilled to introduce locally grown and assembled Living Garden Succulent Plants. These hardy beauties come to us from the creativity of Terri and Greg Lee who are the owners and designers of 1st Look Exteriors.

Each of the Living Garden Succulent Plants were assembled by hand by Terri and Greg themselves. It amazes me the care, attention and pride that Terri and Greg put into each and every one of these creations.

These Living Gardens are made using Succulent Plants named for their water-retaining ability. In the dictionary, one meaning of the adjective succulent means plump and juicy. It is the ability of these special plants to store water in their leaves, stems and roots that makes them look full and fleshy and it is for this reason they are called Succulents. The Succulents ability to store water allows them to not only survive but thrive in dry soil and hot conditions. Just water these a little once every two weeks and they’re happy. This is my kind of house plant/desk plant that only needs a little water every couple of weeks!

We are super proud to note that these Living Garden Succulent Plants are Foodland and Sack N Save exclusives! Come check them out at a Foodland or Sack N Save near you!