The Best Gins

Summertime means we want a ice cold crisp refeshing drink….. For me, that is a Gin & Tonic….Ahhhh, let the day’s troubles melt away as you sip that “christmas tree” elixir. Here are my top picks for Gin….starting with my very favorite….

#1 Hendrick’s

When you order Hendrick’s at a bar or restarant, the staff will often sincerely compliment you on your excellent choice… and in this case, they mean it! This is a delicious gin! We have reached the top, the summit, the peak of our journey. Hendrick’s gin maintains an uncompromised standard of quality. The sweet, velvety texture of this gin is infused with Bulgarian rose and cucumber oils. These two delicate oils, combined with the layers of juniper, orange peel and other botanicals spin a web laden with soft flavor and intricate nuances. Hendrick’s gin comes in an old-style apothecary bottle, guaranteeing that whatever ails you is about to be a distant memory. Cheers!

#2 Plymouth Gin


No list would be complete without Plymouth Gin. Not only does this gin boast a whole trophy room full of accolades, but it lives up to all expectations. Since Plymouth uses slightly sweeter botanicals to flavor its gin than other manufacturers, it’s a stable base for an endless list of cocktails. The sweet scents are balanced with a soft dose of minerals that create a smooth and easy drink. While many gins can shape-shift with each cocktail, Plymouth delivers a commanding performance in every glass it touches.

#3 Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin


So what do you do when you can’t find the right gin to make your classic Bond martini? You do exactly what Martin Miller did, and make your own. This London dry gin is distilled in the classic style, with a smooth finish and flavors of candied lemon peel, fresh oranges and, of course, juniper berries. If you want to indulge your senses, and follow in the footsteps of a man who was unwilling to compromise his taste, then grab a bottle of Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labors.

#4 Bombay Sapphire


You can almost taste British imperial history in the first sip of Bombay Sapphire gin. Triple distilled with an array of natural components such as grains of paradise (which you will find in many summer ales), black licorice and fire-roasted almonds, Bombay Sapphire blends the creative elements of nature with the determination and perseverance of man’s hard work. This lemony crisp gin adds layers of taste, enjoyment and British sophistication to your cocktail.

Not a Gin fan? Give a Gin & Tonic a try…easy to make, easy to like… will be surprised and delighted.

P.S. Don’t forget the Q-Tonic or Fever-Tree Tonic Water – the best two tonics out there!