Waialua Potato Medley

When you ask someone “Where are these potatoes grown?”, most will assume the answer is Idaho or California. Would you believe me if I told you that we have a farmer that grows potatoes right here in Hawai`i?

Twin Bridge Farms is a 300-acre operation located on the North Shore of Oahu and they have got some amazing potatoes growing on the land where the old Waialua Sugar Company used to reside. Known for the their freshly harvested asparagus, which is also available at Foodland, Twin Bridge Farms now offers a 2 lb. bag of red and white potatoes available for a limited time.

Farmer Milton Agader focuses on bringing his produce from farm to marketplace as soon as possible, and that emphasis on fresh quality really shines through!
Twin Bridge Farms is also part of the Hawai`i Seals of Quality program, which was founded by 12 notable agricultural producers and is supported by many of Hawaiiʻi`s most prominent chefs.
Products with this seal are genuine, Hawai`i-grown or Hawai`i-made premium products, a guarantee that is enforced by the State of Hawai`i.
Many fine dining establishments have been using Twin Bridge Farms produce and we’re happy to have their products in our stores.

The featured 2 lb. bags of potatoes will only be available until mid-May in limited quantities, so get them while you can at these Foodland locations:


Market City
Aina Haina
Ala Moana
Hawaii Kai
Pearl City
Ewa Beach

Big Island

Sack N Save Kona

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