Wing's of the Morning 100% Pure Kona Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the pristine purity of Wing’s of the Morning 100% Kona coffee. This is the type of small production farming that we normally associate with fine wine-making. Ka’lo farms is located on the high, steep, and rocky slopes in Kona. This elevation is great for the berries, and bad for mechanical harvesting, so nearly all of the picking is done by hand, berry-by-berry. This personal care and hand selection makes for a much higher quality and truly pure coffee, without any pesticides! The Ka’lo farms folks bought this farm in 1990 and have continued the generations-old Japanese coffee farm wet-method. It is roasted medium dark and available as Whole Bean or Ground.


Two things make roasted coffee go stale – oxygen and light. Store your beans in an dark air tight container. Opinions vary on the merits of freezing coffee. The better part of wisdom in the matter seems to be that coffee that is frozen will stay fresh and taste good for a year or more if it is frozen early on and kept frozen for the duration. A good rule of thumb for freshness – protect your coffee from light and air and freeze it if you aren’t going to drink it within a couple of months. Also, don’t buy ground coffee. Buy whole bean coffee and grind it as needed. An inexpensive little grinder will do.


Brewing coffee. Use a good water. Chlorine treated tap water, unless you have a good filtering system, is a no no. Drink coffee soon after brewing it. Coffee kept warm on a burner or heat disc loses something after fifteen minutes or so. A good gourmet coffee is enjoyable whether it is dripped or percolated, but a french press or a cold water brewing process can make it even better. Grind the coffee up fairly well. If it looks like granola, grind it some more. Experiment and enjoy!