Eat Local (Produce) Today!

Have you ever wondered where your fruits and veggies come from? We hope you have and we hope the answer is, well, home.

Here at Foodland, we’re committed to eating local today – and every day – by providing our customers with the highest quality of local produce in the islands. Which is why we turn to our backyard to stock our produce section, from the rich volcanic soil of Maui’s Haleakala, to the lush forests of Waimanalo, to remote farms on Molokaʻi.

Join us in our pledge to eat local and you’ll be supporting local farmers in their efforts to cultivate Hawaii’s food supply and improve sustainability in our state.

Already thinking about what local produce you’re going to buy next time you’re in our stores? We have some suggestions. See below for a few fall seasonal fruits and veggies we source from our local partners:

Local Okinawan Sweet Potatoes – A must-have in any cook’s kitchen. Steam, bake, roast, fry or pressure-cook to unlock the purple potato’s sweetness. Try it in our Okinawan Sweet Potato Mash recipe!

Local Hilo Avocados – Ultra buttery, always full of flavor and available at Foodland nearly all year long. Perfect for Avocado Toast!

Local Kula Kale – Don’t be afraid to pair kale with other intense flavors. Its strong taste and texture isn’t easily overpowered. It’s the superfood base in our Hearty Kale Panzanella recipe.

Local Hilo Apple Bananas – Sweet & tart just like an apple. Use them to make dessert like Banana Lumpia.

And while you’re picking up your local produce haul, expand your reusable bag collection with our new and exclusive local fruit bag!