Foodland’s Favorite Recipes

From local-style pupu, tasty dishes and desserts to easy weeknight meals, we hope to inspire every home chef to add a new recipe to their cookbook.

Featured Recipe

Fried Saimin

“This is a quick and easy dish that you can make at home with leftovers. It also makes a great potluck pupu.” – Chef Desmond Teves, Culinary Sous Chef

Strawberry Romanoff

"Whisk up the romance in just 5 ingredients! Strawberry Romanoff is a simple, delightful, and perfect dessert to treat yourself and your Valentine." – Chef Nick Miguel, Chef de Cuisine

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Pan Roasted Ribeye Steak

“My family and I love steak and there’s nothing better than a simple meal with bold and delicious flavors. My technique builds up the flavors and the ingredients complement each other to make the perfect steak for any occasion.” – Chef Darryl Fujita, Chef de Cuisine

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Calabrian Chili Butter Steaks

“I love the idea of easy recipes and impactful ingredients. You can technically do everything on the grill (seriously!) in this recipe which means less dishes and more time outside spent with family and friends.” – Sachiko Roscoe, Foodland Ambassador Instagram: @sachiface

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Sauteed Island Fish with Kalamata Olives and Tomatoes

It's a satisfying dish that's simple to prepare and you can use various types of fish. I have prepared this before as a menu item and it was well received. It incorporates easy-to-find ingredients and the flavors complement each other nicely. – Chef Darryl Fujita, Chef de Cuisine

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Skillet Steak and Potatoes

"Pan seared skillet steak and potatoes are easier than you think. Just a few simple ingredients and you’ve got yourself a delicious dinner. Cheaper than eating out at a restaurant and tastes just as good." – Relle, Foodland 5 Ambassador Instagram:

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Bacon & Mushroom Truffle Alfredo Pasta

“These are all of my favorite ingredients put into one simple, quick, and easy-to-make dish, made by the other half of @diningduohawaii, Marc.” – Marc & Celina, @diningduohawaii, Foodland 5 Ambassadors Instagram: @diningduohawaii

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