Foodland’s Favorite Recipes

From local-style pupu, tasty dishes and desserts to easy weeknight meals, we hope to inspire every home chef to add a new recipe to their cookbook.

Featured Recipe

Korean BBQ Meatloaf

“This dish is fun and delicious.  It’s a Korean twist to an American classic with a slight kick of heat from Korean chili paste.  Eats well with buttery mashed potatoes.” – Chef Brenton Lee, Sr. Operations Chef

Lox Bagels

“A super tasty and easy meal to make while you’re on the run or just feeling too tired to whip up something fancy. I personally treat myself and add more than the listed amount of cream cheese because calories don’t count when you make it yourself!” – Corina Quach, Foodland 5 Ambassador Instagram: @fiveftfoodie

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Chicken & Waffles

“I’m a breakfast food fiend and a huge fan of the sweet and salty combo, so chicken and waffles is always my go-to dish!” – Corina Quach, Foodland 5 Ambassador Instagram: @fiveftfoodie

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Breakfast Corn Dogs

A kid-friendly breakfast made with our Maika'i Pancake Mix.

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Local Avocado Toast

What better match than crunchy toast and creamy avocado? This dish is quick and easy to make, and great to eat at any time of the day.  For a heartier meal, add bacon and sliced tomatoes, or try it with spicy ahi poke on top! 

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Stove Top Frittata

A quick, easy and delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy! Top it off with cheese, fresh herbs and even salsa! 

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Local Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Bowl

It’s easy to make your own Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Bowl!  This dish is wonderfully refreshing and healthy too.  Prepare it for your family and friends and you’ll make a dragon-sized impression!

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